Austin Powers

ABC’s "The Next Best Thing" says
Linwood is the best Austin Powers they’ve seen!

That's the real Paris Hilton and me, just slightly before she was incarcerated.
Can you say conjugal visit, baby? Yeah! It was a swinging party. We were playing with everyone from Joan Collins to Mayor Bloomberg.
I was the only impersonator in the bunch.

I auctioned off
Joe Namath for a charity event and thanked him for making it alright for straight men to wear pantyhose. I'm wearing fishnets now.


Linwood was sent
across the country
product for Mike Myers.

Psychedelic Spies, Baby! 
They pass the ACID test.

Austin and Fembots promoting Shagadelic Shakers for
Mott's and Mike Myers.

"Oh behave!"

and Austin

Master Chef Daniel whips up a
Fembot Sandwich 
with extra undressing.

Chef Daniel treats Austin and entourage
to a sumptuous feast and flowing bubbly.
It's a smorgasbord of love, baby, Yeah!

"I am a sexy beast."

"I swear, we're just friends"

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